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  • What is the version of the windows client that will check and auto-update itself once a new version of the client is published?

If the client version is 5.x.xxxx, it should be able to auto upgrade. If it is 4.x.xxxx, have to manually upgrade.

  • When check 'Always force SSL on login', got 'redirect loop', why?

The load balancer talks to the end user in SSL and then to the server behind it in http. so login page always think the traffic is from http thus invoke redirect, and so on.

  • How do I reset the client settings of the Gladinet software?
    • 1. stop client
    • 2. goto c:\users\username\appdata\local, rename gteamclient to gteamclient_old
    • 3. restart client
    • 4. when you are sure the old settings is no longer needed, delete gteamclient_old build

  • the customer has problems opening and browsing through folders that contain lots of pictures. I see that it wants to download all the pictures in the background.
    • by default, we have marked the folder so that explorer will not download it automatically, however, if you have enabled the setting "Always Allow Picture Review" in windows client settings manager, then default setting will be overridden, thus explorer will download each pictures to generate thumbnail. and there may be some other third party applications that may be trying to read the files to get some info, and thus cause the download issue.
    • besides this, the old windows client has an issue that will cause slowness browsing a folder that has many pictures, this issue is fixed in latest build(719), you can give it try to see if it helps

  • How do I purchase license for my GCEcluster
    • the best way to purchase is to
    • the latest GCE(Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Edition) build released on 06/09 have simplified the whole process, you can just click "shopping cart" btn when you login to your web portal as cluster admin.

  • I would like to get some basic pricing for your product please. I am interested in finding out how much 1TB - 10TB & 50TB of storage would cost?
    • (For Gladinet Cloud) For storage requirement, usually when it is above 2TB, the best is to buy direct from Amazon S3 (Gladinet resells Amazon S3). If you buy direct, you get the best price Amazon S3 offers. After that, you can plug it into Gladinet solution and you can have drive letter access, Active Directory integration and etc.
    • Gladinet side of the cost is $8.5/user/month.

  • How do i monitor the health status of a server agent
    • Server agent will generate system event log when sync is failed.
  • User don't see folder content in mapped drive

In one of the folders, she cannot see the contents in the mapped drive. But she can see them on the web version. When we tested, by dropping a file in the folder, it seems like it’s invisible. Even though we can’t see the test file, it still syncs to the folder on the web version.

    • the folder may contain special characters not supported by windows
    • Reset user's profile may help